TapTimize | How does it work

How does it work?

Learn how TapTimize helps you improve your organic visibility and App Store Optimization in just a few clicks. It's a very simple, three-steps process:

Submit your app information

When you sign up for TapTimize, you'll be redirected to an empty dashboard.

This is your ASO workplace, where you can add your app(s) information (brand name, desired language(s), company info) and submit that information to our tool.

That's all we need to get started!

Your listing is being generated...

Our ASO tool will read and understand your app's listing to figure out what the app is all about.

From there, the tool brainstorms a list of keywords and, using a set of natural language processing algorithms, decides which are the most relevant to your app.

The tool also looks at your competition and will always target keywords that it believes your app can rank high for.

Listing's done! What's next?

Congratulations! It's now time to put those suggestions into action.

You can copy and paste the listing's suggestions straight from our dashboard into your iTunes Connect or Google Developer Console.

Publish the new listings alongside your next release. The earlier the better!

My listings are live!

TapTimize is already tracking all of your keywords and their rankings, and is estimating the traffic for every targeted keyword.

In about three to four weeks, based on the data collected during that time period, our tool will be suggesting a new listing for your app—in order to always maximize your organic visibility.

Awesome, sign me up!

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