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TapTimize is a rank tracking tool designed with simplicity in mind.

Track your SERPs & manage your SEO straight from your dashboard.

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Convenient interface. Outstanding results.

Track your keyword rankings & SERPs, receive new SEO suggestions, and measure the performance of your Search Engine Optimization efforts right on your dashboard.

AI-generated SEO suggestions

Forget about search engine optimization and let our advanced AI research relevant keywords and optimize your website for you.

Daily rankings and SERPs tracking

Search optimization campaigns typically last a few months. Keep an eye on your progress and update your SEO regularly right from your dashboard.

Unbeatable pricing

Our SEO tool was also designed for small business with large websites. Enjoy a simple SERP Tracker at the most affordable price.

Simple pricing

Our single plan gives you access to the full range of TapTimize's tools and services: SERP Tracker with daily rankings, keyword performance reports, and one-on-one customer service.


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  • 100 keywords
  • Daily rankings and reports
  • Billed monthly
  • More keywords on request

How does it work?

  • How does your SEO tool work?

    At TapTimize, we believe AI should be used to make your life easier, so we created a search engine optimization tool that takes care of your ASO for you.

    The tool relies heavily on natural language processing algorithms to generate a list of relevant keywords and tracks your SERPs (search engine results pages) for you, on a daily basis, for all of your websites.

    Once your project is started, all you'll have to do is sit back and relax: you can review and update your keywords and track your SERPs right from the TapTimize dashboard.

  • What sorts of results can I expect for my website?

    This mostly depends on whether SEO is a great acquisition channel for your business. TapTimize was designed with simplicity in mind: we want you to quickly identify what the pain points are and be able to address them on the fly.

    If your website is already getting a little bit of organic traction, you should definitely give TapTimize a try: our benchmark numbers are 20% increase to 4x-8x increase in organic impressions..

    Have a look at our case studies for more examples of what SEO can do for you.

  • How can I track my website's progress?

    The TapTimize dashboard contains all the information and reports you need: keyword rankings, daily impressions, SERPs tracking, estimated keyword traffic and expected progression for the next months.

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