Supercharge your app business

Get your app in front of millions of new users with our simple, 100% AI-powered app store search optimization tool.

Get started in a few clicks and start gathering more organic traffic today.

AI-generated app store listings

Forget about app store optimization and let our advanced AI research relevant keywords and generate a search-optimized listing for you.

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Monthly updates and reports

Search optimization campaigns typically last a few months. Keep an eye on your progress and update your ASO regularly right from your dashboard.

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Unbeatable pricing

Our ASO tool was designed for indie developers and small studios with a large portfolio of apps. Choose one of our low-cost plans and enjoy automatic ASO.

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Simple Pricing

Our ASO campaigns typically last six months. The Short Term plan allows you to test out whether search optimization is a great acquisition channel for you, while the Professional plan gets you the more value for your money.


Per Month, USD.

  • $39/mo. per additional language
  • add a new language at any time
  • paid upfront (duration: 6 months) then billed monthly
Short Term

Per Month, USD.

  • $59/mo. per additional language
  • add a new language at any time
  • billed monthly

How does it work?

  • How does your ASO tool work?

    At TapTimize, we believe AI should be used to make your life easier, so we created an app store optimization tool that takes care of your ASO for you.

    The tool relies heavily on natural language processing algorithms and machine learning to generate a list of relevant keywords and  grammatically correct, search-optimized app store listings for your mobile apps.

    Once your project is started, all you'll have to do is sit back and relax: you can review and update your keywords and live listings right from the TapTimize dashboard.

  • What's the difference between the Short Term and the Professional plan?

    App store optimization campaigns typically last six months or more. The Professional plan gets you the best value for your money since it costs only $59/month (paid upfront).

    In some cases, however, the app only needs a few months of work, making the Short Term plan ($79/month) more economically sensible for app business owners.

    The Short Term plan is also a good deal if you're not sure yet whether ASO is a great acquisition channel for your app and just want to test it out for a month or two.

  • What sort of results can I expect for my app?

    This mostly depends on whether ASO is a great acquisition channel for your business. For example, B2C and mainstream games apps tend to do well, while B2B apps get less results.

    If your app is already getting a little bit of organic traction, you should definitely give TapTimize a try: our benchmark numbers are 4x-8x increase in organic downloads.

    Have a look at our case studies for more examples of what ASO can do for you.

  • How can I track my app's progress?

    The TapTimize dashboard contains all the information and reports you need: daily downloads and pageviews, targeted keywords, keyword ranks, estimated keyword traffic (=how many downloads were driven by this keyword) and expected progression for the next months.

  • Do you support multiple languages?

    Of course—in fact, TapTimize was originally designed as a tool to help indie developers with their multilingual ASO.

    We currently support English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. We plan to add Chinese, Japanese and Polish next.

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