TapTimize | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What results can I expect for my app?

    This mostly depends on whether ASO is a great acquisition channel for your business. Think of your app’s industry: is your ideal user more likely to download this app after seeing an ad for it, or do they actively search for it on the App Store?

    If they are actively searching for your app—search optimization is a great acquisition channel for your app. We cannot determine in advance how much our service is going to help you, but it usually goes from a 20% increase to a 4x-8x increase in organic downloads.

  • After how much time will I start seeing a positive impact on my downloads?

    This again depends on your industry. The first month is usually slow and the impact can mostly be felt on your keyword rankings: you will start gaining ranks for all of the initial keywords targeted by our algorithm, but you will not rank high enough for those keywords to have an impact on your impressions.

    This is because it takes time for your keywords to be fully indexed, and for our algorithm to figure out the best strategy to help you rank high.

  • I am not seeing any results after using your service. What is happening?

    If you are still early in the campaign, this is expected. ASO is a very iterative, long-term process, and you should not expect sky-high boosts in impressions from the get-go. Our ASO tool needs some time to figure out what keywords work best for your app, and Apple and Google’s algorithms also need time to fully index the keywords we target.

    If you’ve been using the service for over three months and don’t see the needle moving in the right direction—not even a boost in keyword rankings—then ASO is probably not a good acquisition channel for your app.

  • What happens once I’m signed up on the dashboard? 

    Once you’re signed up, you should add your app to your dashboard. As soon as all the information about the app is entered, our algorithm will start generating a new ASO-optimized listing for you. You will be notified by e-mail once your listing is ready. When you receive the e-mail, you should review the new listing, then update it in the Google Play Developer Console or iTunes Connect.

    Keep in mind that we’re still in beta, so errors might arise—but we’re on the lookout and will fix issues to make sure you receive your listing in due time no matter what. 

  • What does the workflow look like?

    The tool looks at your listing, understands what the app is about, then brainstorms a list of relevant keywords for your app. Using those keywords, the tool generates a brand new listing (title, subtitle or short description, 100-character field, may slightly modify your long description as well).

    When that listing goes live, the tool starts measuring the listing's effectiveness by comparing and correlating rankings data with impresssions & downloads to try and find out what keywords work best for your app.

    It's a fairly iterative process (as with all search-related industries), and the goal is naturally to increase your visibility on the different app stores.

  • So your tool is entirely automated. How do you ensure quality?

    Not meaning to brag, but our tool is pretty advanced and barely makes any mistakes! We're using top-notch natural language processing libraries and analyse the app store to make sure we deliver listings that are both gramatically correct and competitive.

    If, by any chance it so happened that our tool made a huge mistake, please let us know, and we'll have a human review and correct the listing ASAP—and we'll fix our tool so that it doesn't happen in the future.

  • How do you collect installs and impressions data?

    Ideally, you'd link your iTunes Connect / Google Developer Console account to our platform. If that information is strictly confidential, then we'll work from rankings data only. This is fine, just slightly less accurate to work with.

  • What is the price of your ASO services?

    We are currently priced at $79/month/app, for the duration of the beta. Beta testers get this pricing for life. Every additional language comes at $59/month/app.

    For this pricing, you get full access to the dashboard with keyword ranking information, ASO listing generation, support by e-mail, and consultancy if necessary.

  • Why should I buy from you, instead of one of your competitors? 

    Our unique selling point is: automation. There are many ASO tools out there, but none of them allow you to sign up, then just sit back and relax. We do!

    Forget about manually brainstorming keywords, placing them strategically into your listing, and monitoring your progress on the daily: our tool will do all of this work for you. All you have to do is, every three to four weeks, review the suggestions we send you and read your ASO reports. Just to make sure we’re on the right track!

  • Why is this a monthly service? 

    ASO is a long-term, iterative process. We do not recommend signing up for a month only, as the impact our tool can do in a month is fairly limited, and you would not be able to fully benefit from our services.

    Our ASO tool needs some time to figure out what keywords work best for your app, and Apple and Google’s algorithms also need time to fully index the keywords we target. This is why we provide new listing suggestions every three to four weeks.

  • Is there any discount for ordering in bulk? I have lots of apps.

    Yes. We start considering bulk discounts from 10+ ASO listings (2 apps, 5 languages / 10 apps, 1 language, etc.). Please send us an e-mail at info@taptimize.com to discuss bulk pricing.

  • Do you offer a free trial of your service? 

    No. This is something we have considered for a long time but are not offering at the moment. If you’d like to give our services a try but are unsure whether they are right for you and don’t want to commit to too many months, there is absolutely no problem in cancelling your subscription after a month if you see your rankings are not moving in the right direction.

    Do keep in mind that a month of work is usually not enough to have a substantial impact on your impressions and downloads.

  • When will you add new languages? 

    We are working hard on this! Unfortunately, we have no ETA for new languages. We want to focus on better results for the languages we currently offer (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian) before we start working on new languages.

    Please let us know which languages you’re interested in: send us an e-mail at info@taptimize.com!