TapTimize | Funimate ASO Case Study

How TapTimize Helped Funimate Compete Against Industry Giants



Funimate is a video editing app developed by the Turkish app development company AVCR.

In the very competitive video editing industry, Funimate is a breath of fresh air with its lip sync videos, active community, and challenges.


The Problem

Despite their excellent results in the US, Funimate was unable to replicate their success in France. Though the app and its features were great, they garnered a few bad reviews that prevented the app from ranking high in the App Store.

One of Funimate's biggest challenges in the French market was to reverse course as fast as possible and understand the reason behind the bad reviews. They needed an ASO services provider that would not only provide quality localization and ASO services, but also one that would take the time to analyze the French market and suggest actions that needed to be taken.

That is when they decided to use TapTimize.

The Results

After just a few months of work, Funimate achieved the following results:

Top Rankings

#1 Rankings for the most important keywords in the video editing industry

Best of its category

Steady growth to the top 10 Photography apps in France

Ever-growing downloads

Over 1,000 downloads a day and growing at the time of writing the case study (France only)

Better reviews

Users found exactly the app they were looking for and left hundreds of happy reviews

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    “We had a nice bump in all countries but it indeed looks like France is the best performing country, so overall we are very happy with your ASO performance.”

    Kemal Ugur
    CEO — AVCR (Funimate)

Solving the Problem: Analyzing Bad ASO Performance and Monitoring Changes Over Time

After a careful analysis of Funimate's market, we found what irritated French users discovering Funimate for the first time: that it was not at all the type of app they expected when searching for it in the store. TapTimize soon realized that the targeted keywords were correctly translated, but did not describe the app from the point of view of the user.

With careful research and analysis of competitors, TapTimize managed to remove the faulty keywords, reversing course and helping Funimate achieve steady growth over the months that followed. Once TapTimize managed to bring the amount of monthly downloads back to "decent" for the French market (around 200 downloads/day), we started monitoring Funimate's daily ranks for all keywords.

Any drop in rankings was notified to us immediately, allowing TapTimize's tool to modify the listing accordingly, avoiding any further downloads losses and ensuring the app was still gaining rankings every day.

Funimate's steady growth

TapTimize's AI-designed strategy eventually helped Funimate achieve well over 1,000 downloads/day in France and compete against giants in the video editing app industry.

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