TapTimize | Color Pop Effects ASO Case Study

How TapTimize helped Kite Games Studios Rethink their ASO Localization Strategy



Kite Games Studio is a mobile application development firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

They've hit the top charts multiple times in the iTunes App Store, notably with their photo editing apps Color Pop Effects and Background Eraser.

Kite Games Studio is now a Strategic Google Partner in Bangladesh.


The Problem

When they decided to expand to other markets, Kite Games Studio hired a freelance translator online and briefed him on ASO and the kind of translation they would need to gain visibility on the French App Store.

Despite these efforts, Color Pop Effects didn't seem to gain any additional downloads on the French market, which was very surprising considering how popular other similar apps were on the same market.

That's when Kite Games Studio called TapTimize for help.

The Results

After just a few months of work, Color Pop Effects achieved the following results:

Top Rankings

#1 Rankings achieved for over 40 core keywords in a super-competitive ASO space

Category Champion

Color Pop Effects was the Top 1 Photography and Top 3 Overall app for several weeks in France

Thousands of Downloads

From 50 downloads a week to well over 30,000 downloads every month, Color Pop Effects's growth is remarkable

Raving Fans

App Store users found just the app they were looking for—resulting in hundreds of happy fans

Solving the Problem: Identifying Pain Points and Using AI to Maximize Visibility

Although the translation provided by the freelancer was correct, TapTimize quickly noticed how the words chosen had little chance to be highly searched for on the iTunes App Store.

Long words, uncommon words and low number of possible word combinations are fatal when it comes to App Store Optimization. Correct translations are of course essential to a successful localization strategy—however, it is of equal importance to ensure that the localized listing is optimized for discovery in the target market.

Kite Games Studio used TapTimize's AI-powered ASO tool to receive suggestions on improving their listing for the French market. These suggestions allowed Kite Games Studio to target an optimal number of keyword combinations (well over 400) that made Color Pop Effects show up in results for many popular search queries.

In a few weeks, downloads jumped from ~15/day to over 40 per day. This rapid growth in France propelled Color Pop Effects to the top of the charts in the months that followed.

Color Pop Effects' quick growth

With every update, the tool calculated which combinations of keywords the app was most likely to rank high for based on data from the last month.This approach proved very beneficial for Kite Games Studio's ASO, which showed quick growth in the first few months of the campaign.

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