TapTimize | AMdroid ASO Case Study

How TapTimize Helped AMdroid Enter New Markets On a Budget



AMdroid is a smart alarm clock-type of app designed by an indie developer from Hungary.

AMdroid is popular in Hungary (#42 most popular productivity app at the time of writing this case study) but the app is more of a side project than a main project.


The Problem

For experienced app development companies with a lot of resources, it's often not too difficult to enter a new market. Most companies nowadays end up spending money on Facebook or Twitter ads to regularly get new users onboard.

Independent developers like AMdroid, however, will find it difficult to not only localize their listing, but also maintain their listings 100% ASO-optimized over time: current ASO services providers price their campaigns at over $500/month.

At TapTimize, we wanted to make sure independent developers could also afford our service — and developed a 100% AI-powered ASO tool for them.

This is why AMdroid started a campaign with us.

The Results

After just a few months of work, AMdroid achieved the following results:

ASO Authority

Currently contesting rank #1 for important keywords against experienced companies

Dominant in its category

Successfully achieved top 100 Productivity apps and more in markets where the app previously was unpopular

Downloads multiplied

Increased downloads 8 to 15x, depending on the market, up to 400 downloads a day

Four new markets

AMdroid increased its visibility in the US and entered four new markets: Spain, Germany, Portugal and France

  • "I can see massive increases in the ptBR and ptPT markets. English-speaking markets are improving as well."
    Z. H.
    AMdroid's owner and indie developer

Solving the Problem: An ASO Strategy Designed by AI and a Campaign on a Budget

When designing an ASO campaign, it seems at first logical to target high-traffic keywords that have the potential to really increase your monthly downloads. That is however often a mistake, as the app doesn't have enough authority to rank high enough for those very competitive keywords.

When designing an ASO strategy for AMdroid, our AI decided to start the campaign by targeting keywords it was 100% sure the app could rank #1 for. This had a positive effect on downloads, which in turn allowed AMdroid to start ranking for those big, high-traffic keywords that really make a difference in downloads (from #34 at the start of the campaign vs. #4 at the time of writing this case study).

This type of strategy often means spending a lot of time on keyword research and constant tweaking (finding the right keywords, making sure the app can rank for them, analyzing the situation every two weeks or so...) as opposed to a one-time keyword research with updates every three months.

This translates to higher costs when hiring traditional ASO services—often too expensive for indie developers. AMdroid decided to settle on TapTimize and our advanced AI to reduce their costs and benefit from a 100% optimized listing in all locales.

AMdroid's progression

AMdroid entering three new markets at a slow, but steady pace.

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