Welcome to the seventh post of my monthly “Shopify SEO Roundup” series!

Every month, I curate a digest of the most interesting posts I’ve come across in the last four weeks.

These can be simple blog posts or articles, infographics, and even podcasts, as long as they deal with the same topic: Shopify SEO (or SEO that can easily be applied to Shopify!).

Are you a Shopify merchant with a high interest in SEO, but no time to read the mass of posts out there?

This digest sorts the good from the bad—and the great from the good.

If you want to be part of the roundup next month, or you’ve just read a great piece I should know about, please send me the content (over at nathan@taptimize.com) and I will include it in the next roundup!

In this month’s digest, we are taking a look at quick wins and fixes that will greatly improve your overall store SEO. We’ll also go through an entire checklist of your Shopify SEO—keyword research, content optimization, and link building.

Without further ado, let’s check out this month’s top posts.

1. The Complete 29-Point Shopify SEO Checklist For 2020

If you feel like you need to go back to the drawing board… this post is for you.

Eduardo Yi from ClickMinded recently put together an excellent step-by-step SEO checklist that you can use to optimize your Shopify website.

The list covers all important topics of SEO, from basics to keyword research, and from content optimization to link building.

What I particularly like about this post is that for every point in the checklist, Eduardo provides examples from different Shopify stores:

This guide is excellent for beginners and seasoned SEOs alike—I highly recommend giving it a read!

2. How to Create a Useful and Well-Optimized FAQ Page

Can FAQ pages be optimized for SEO?

According to Ann Smarty in her recent MoZ blog post—yes, absolutely!

In fact, a well-optimized FAQ page sends Google very strong trust signals. Covering your return policies, shipping processes and others helps your site visitors to trust your brand… and in turn, Google will trust you, too.

A FAQ page is also an excellent opportunity to capture more search visibility opportunities.

If you plan to optimize your existing FAQ page, or to create a new one… Ann’s post is an excellent starting point.

3. 5 SEO Quick Fixes for Ecommerce Sites

Navigation links, organizational schema, and product titles all tend to be badly optimized on a Shopify site.

In his post on Search Engine Journal, Dave Davies addresses some of the most common SEO problems with E-Commerce sites.

Here’s an excerpt:

These quick fixes only take a short while to implement. If you use mega menus, or your organization schema could use some work… I recommend giving this a read!

Wrapping up…

I hope you liked this roundup and find the content in each of the pieces interesting. Let me know what you think in the comments!

If you have an amazing blog post, podcast or infographic you would like featured in next month’s roundup—please let me know and I’d be happy to have a look!

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