It has been a very intensive month of work, but I’m happy to announce that we’ve just launched a new version of the TapTimize dashboard.

At TapTimize, we’re always going to try and keep things as simple as possible, and this update is no different.

Although we’ve added a series a new features, there is still only just one page that contains all the information you need to properly track your SERPs and keyword positions.

We’ve also fixed a number of long-standing bugs that should make navigating the platform a lot easier for you.

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up using this link and see the changes for yourself.

If you want the details, keep on reading!

1. Keywords first

  • old taptimize urls
  • new taptimize keywords

From the very first trial we’ve onboarded, we noticed that when adding new keywords to their dashboard, our users (you!) would simply just add their domain name rather than complete URLs to specific pages.

For example, on TapTimize, if I want to track how well I rank for my blog post about speed optimization for Shopify, I would have to specify the URL, and then add the keywords I want to rank for.

This made the whole structure a lot more complicated. With the previous version of our dashboard, you would have to first click on the URL row, and then the keyword row to access historical data for that specific keyword’s rankings.

This is all modified in the new version.

No more headaches: you can directly search for a specific keyword with the search bar or sort the table columns.

What if you liked seeing which URLs you rank for, or wanted to investigate potential keyword cannibalization on your website?

Don’t worry: we’re already tracking them and will show you this data as soon as we find an elegant way to integrate it to the dashboard in a later update.

2. Better onboarding experience

This section won’t apply to you if you are already using TapTimize.

In the new version, we’ve made using our platform for the first time a lot easier with an onboarding experience that guides you through the process until your first domain and keyword you want to track are added:

new onboarding

We’ve also removed extra icons and menus that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

The idea is to get you started as soon as possible—without distractions.

3. Updated historical data charts

  • old taptimize charts
  • new taptimize charts

We’ve given our historical data charts a brand new look.

The old look was a little too difficult to navigate and often took a longer time to load. We’re now using another library and moved the date range menu to the top of the chart.

It’s also a lot easier to change your date range now:

new daterange menu

4. Track more locations

One of the most asked-for features for TapTimize is finally here.

keyword locations

You can now track your keywords’ rankings in all countries. A new location counts as a new keyword entirely, so if you are tracking “pet care” in the US and in the UK, this will count as two keywords.

5. Track your competitors

Thanks to our new charts library, you will now also be able to track your competitors on the same chart as your own domain.

All historical data for the competitor domain is available from the day you add the keyword:

competitors feature

Hovering your cursor over a specific date will give you all ranks for this keyword on that date, for every competitor you are tracking:

specific date rank

A free account allows you to track 2 competitors per domain!

6. Track several domains

If you are managing several properties, you can know track their rankings on the same platform, with their data accessible in just one click.

With a trial account, you can track up to two domains, and every domain can track up to two competitors.

domain list

In short…

Despite the apparent plethora of features we’ve just added to TapTimize, tracking your SERPs on the platform has become easier than ever.

The previous version of our software was a little cumbersome and clumsy. With this update, we hope to remove the “clumsiness” and awkwardness of having to click around so much just to get the information you need.

As always, let us know what you like and dislike about the platform over at As you can see, the feedback helps a lot!

In the future, we want to work on our SERP crawler to be able to provide you with more frequent updates, as well as the possibility for you to retrieve a rank at any given time of the day.

If you aren’t using TapTimize yet, sign up on the dashboard—it’s free!

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