TapTimize | The simple alternative to Sensor Tower

TapTimize vs. Sensor Tower

TapTimize is an awesome alternative to Sensor Tower. Here are some reasons why you may want to choose TapTimize as your go-to ASO tool...

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We want to make your life easier.

Have you been looking for a stress-free alternative to Sensor Tower for your app store optimization efforts?

If so, TapTimize may just be exactly what you need. 

To make it easy for you to compare both tools, we went ahead and gathered some info that might help you choose the best solution for your business:


Daily keyword rankings


Top charts rankings


Competitor tracking


AI-powered keyword suggestions


Localized keyword suggestions


Keyword download estimates


Focusing on the right data

Instead of data such as "competition score: 4.1" or "traffic score: 1.7", TapTimize makes it easy for you to understand how well your app is performing on the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

You will know exactly how many downloads your app is getting—for every keyword you decide to target, and what your biggest competitors are doing.

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Convenience first

App Store Optimization (ASO) can be a very time-consuming process, especially if you have no experience in the industry, or if you have several apps and projects to optimize.

With TapTimize, you have the option to let the tool choose which keywords should be targeted for your app. Our trained algorithm has consistently been ranking apps in the top 3!

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Listing localization made easy

Choosing the correct keywords in all the locales you are targeting is paramount to your app's success—but you may not know all those languages, and translators are not always trained in search optimization.

Instead of an automated, direct translation of the keywords you are already targeting in English, TapTimize's algorithm will research locale-specific keywords for your app, as if it were done by a local.

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Get the most value for your money.

TapTimize Basic Plan

Per Month, USD.

  • Max. 10 apps tracked 
  • 200 keywords per locale per app
  • AI-powered keyword suggestions
  • Competitor watch (10+ per app)
  • Exact download data for each tracked keyword
  • Email support
Sensor Tower Pro Plan

Per Month, USD.

  • Max. 5 apps tracked
  • 80 keywords across all apps and projects
  • Autocomplete keyword suggestions
  • Competitor watch
  • Estimated traffic and competition data
  • Email support

Are you ready to give TapTimize a try?

We hope this comparison guide was useful to you.

If you are not convinced yet that TapTimize is a better alternative to Sensor Tower... just give it a try!

In a few minutes, your account will be set up with everything you need to start improving your app store optimization.

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